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We are More than just a book store!

From the Ground Up Books and Resources is more than just a place to purchase books. We are a center that nourishes the literary passions of writers and book lovers alike. By combining books, unique gifts by Mystic Bliss Creations, and a focus on education for writers, we are creating a haven for creativity, learning, and community engagement in the La Grange, Kentucky area.

Sign up for one of our memberships today to support us and bring our vision to life. Five percent (5%) of all membership fees will go toward prize money for contests and/or scholarships for our programs. We have applied for our 501c3 designation so your contributions will be tax deductible in the future. As honorary owners, community members play a crucial role in supporting and shaping our bookstore's vision. With their funding, we will create a welcoming space that encourages collaboration, fosters growth, and champions local talent. Our goal is to inspire and empower writers of all levels, from aspiring novices to accomplished authors, by providing them with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to hone their craft. We will help build them From the Ground Up.

With education at the heart of our mission, our offerings will include a wide range of writing workshops and author events designed to enhance skills, encourage self-expression, and imagination. Our experienced instructors, who are authors, editors, and publishers themselves, will lead these sessions and share their expertise and practical advice to help authors create and polish their work to make it ready for publication. For those who are published, From the Ground Up Books and Resources is a place to sell their books, hold release parties, and host book signings.

In addition to our educational programs, our bookstore will house a wide selection of books across various genres, catering to diverse interests and tastes. With carefully selected books for our collection, we will ensure it reflects the richness and diversity of literature, embracing both contemporary works and timeless classics. Whether you're searching for a thrilling novel, helpful non-fiction book, children’s book, or a poetic anthology, our shelves will have something for every reader. We will host book clubs, writing groups, poetry slams, and literary events that bring book enthusiasts together to share their passion and exchange ideas. Through these events, we aim to create a supportive network of like-minded individuals who can collaborate, encourage, and motivate each other on their creative journeys. This space will be available for rent for other events to help foster a sense of family making us a community gathering spot.

But our offerings won't stop at books. We understand the joy of finding unique and meaningful gifts, and our store will feature an assortment of literary-themed items and artistic creations. From journals to book-related merchandise, local crafts, artwork, and jewelry, our gift section celebrates the love of reading and the thrill of finding that special gift. 

From the Ground Up Books and Resources is a haven for writers and book lovers. With a focus on education, a diverse book collection, and a delightful assortment of gifts from Mystic Bliss Creations, we nurture and support a vital and inclusive literary and creative culture for all to enjoy. Help us build this dream From the Ground Up.


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